Corporate Events

Organizing a corporate function can be overwhelming at times. We completely remove the hassle of planning a bar while ensuring your event is delivered to the highest standard.  Our goal is to support and guide our clients through the whole process to ensure everything is executed to your expectation for the joy and benefit of company staff as well as other invited guests.

We’ve executed hundreds of bar executions for corporate events all over Trinidad & Tobago. This type of service includes mobile bar counters, drinks, glassware, bar accessories and professional staff. Whether it’s an internal corporate Christmas function, award ceremonies, sports days or a product launch, we can deliver an industry leading drinks solution.

NEW!! Making Cocktails! A Team Building Event

Rather than a traditional team building workshop, have you ever wanted to try something different? Well, now you can. With an infusion of team building and a hefty measure of fun, this event encourages learning, asking questions, participation and zesty competition.

Enjoy a fun filled session with a professional mixologist as they mix and explain methods, ingredients and flavours when making drinks. Using the principles they’ve just learnt, your teams go head to head to out-mix each other to create the tastiest cocktail. Naturally, we can also create some fantastic non-alcoholic mocktail options.

The Event Format

Our Head Mixologist begins by showing you how to master each cocktail using various techniques. Your group is then split into teams and shown to their own mixing station. Each station is complete with the classic cocktail making ingredients which includes bar tools, spirits, juices, liqueurs, garnishes, mixers, bitters and plenty of ice.

With our help, it’s now your turn to re-create the selection of drinks you just learned how to make. Once you’ve tried and tweaked your own take on the recipes, it’s now time to up the competition and create your own unique cocktail! Your creation will now be presented to our Mixologist and rated based on its name, appearance, its originality and most crucially the taste. This session is easy, fun and ultimately it’s an opportunity for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.