Every function is unique and therefore the type of glassware you use depends on the event. For a fete or a sports day, disposable cups may be the best option as opposed to a wedding or corporate function where elegant glassware may be at bit more suitable. We can provide all the necessary glasses & drinkware available to meet the needs of our clients.

Champagne Flutes

1 Champagne Flutes

High ball

2 Highball


3 Scotch

Red & White Wine

Catering services. glasses set and dish with food meal in restaurant

Water Goblets

5 Water Goblet


6 Martini

Mason Jars

7 Mason Jars

Copper Mugs

8 Copper Mule


No bar setup is complete unless you have the necessary tools required to serve your guests in the most functional, professional and hygienic manner.


Using the right bar tools to prepare and serve beverages will demonstrate proper serving protocols that any bar service should incorporate in their operation.


Bar accessories and bar tools help our team mix & serve drinks like a pro. We use all the latest tools to ensure our clients are served with style, cleanliness and class.

Set of bar tools for cocktails, accessories and utensils for bartender for making alcohol beverage, shot and long drink