Experienced bar staff add a professional edge to your wedding or event. They’re skilled and knowledgeable in the art of making drinks and serving people, so why not hire a group of bartenders to give you one less thing to worry about?

Our dedicated and experienced group of managers, bartenders & servers can cater to any event whether that’s serving standard drinks, cocktails or any special beverages. Our bar staff are experienced, professional and eager to serve. We train our entire group to a high standard to ensure that we meet our client’s expectations.

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What kind of staff can we provide?


The managers’ main duties and responsibilities revolve around planning, inventory control, supervising the staff and coordinating the overall bar operation.


Planning prior to the event will ensure the appropriate service and the desired outcome.


You must have enough bartenders to handle the group and maybe consider waiters in order to serve your guests with little or no interruptions.

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Want cocktails? Our team of mixologists will whip up some of the most popular drinks for you and your guests.


waitress at restaurant serving drink

Our servers are highly personable and efficient, ensuring all tables & guests are taken care of.

Need a Full Team?

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We also take into consideration…

Empowerment is a significant element that contributes towards nurturing a strong team therefore we make sure all our staff are prepared and knowledgeable about the rules surrounding each event.


– Policy regarding restroom breaks

– Meal allowance

– Overall conduct

– Presentation of both the individual and their workstation