When hosting an event, seating and flow are almost as important as the event itself. That is why it is important to create an atmosphere where people can move about and sit comfortably while still taking part in the event.


Depending on the type of event you are hosting you might have various stations such as a buffet, dance floor, bar area, dining area, etc. Adding stylish furniture can provide ample seating while maintaining a comfortable and cozy ambiance.


When you are planning a party, a social gathering, or conference for a large group of people it is important to consider the benefits of having cocktail tables.


In addition to complimenting the overall design, cocktail tables help to create a comfortable environment where your guests can gather and socialize. We carry a range of cocktail tables to choose from.

Our ranges of tables are as follows: –


– Standard


– Pallet Natural NEW!!!

– Pallet White NEW!!!

– Metal Frame NEW!!!


The standard height of our cocktail tables is 42 inches.


One of the most basic but unique shapes of a dining room table is none other than a round or a square table. These styles are quite popular at large weddings and corporate functions.


Maintaining its traditional shape yet modern design, our dining tables are far from the standard available on the market. With the innovative multi-colour LED, our dining room tables guarantee to convey nothing less than profound strength and reserved beauty.


– LED with Round Glass Top

– LED with Square Glass Top

– White Wash Square Top NEW!!!


Why are bar back displays so important? We all know how critical it is to have your decor looking pristine for your guests. Same goes for your bar back display as it defines your style and plays a key role in how you communicate and showcase what the bar has to offer to your guests.


It also creates that functional space for bartenders, so that they have a dedicated area for glassware, drinks and other related items. Our range of bar back displays are as follows: 


– LED Cubes

– Back Bar Grid

– Back Bar with TV Screen

– Metal Frame with Wooden Shelves

4 Bar Back TV Display

Back Bar Grid with TV Screen– These screens are typically used outdoors to interact with our audience while waiting for a drink. We can advertise for our sponsors or showcase the options available at the bar.


In recent years, screens have become commonly used for displays in all bars, restaurant, lounges or any waiting area.